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Summer Cooling Down. Try Size S! Gong Cha

Giải Nhiệt Hè. Thử Size S Nhé! Gong Cha

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Summer Cooling Down Try Size S!

With 360ml, this petite cup is just enough to satisfy your cravings for a little bit of everything all day long! Calling out to all bubble tea lovers to give it a try!


  • Applicable from 14/07/2023
  • Applicable to selected drinks on the Menu:
  1. Black Tea Milk Tea
  2. Green Tea Milk Tea
  3. Oolong Milk Tea
  4. Black Bubble Milk Tea
  5. Chocolate Milk Tea
  6. Taro Milk Tea
  7. Okinawa Milk Tea
  8. Okinawa Fresh Milk
  9. Okinawa Latte
  10. Okinawa Oreo Cream Milk Tea
  11. Golden Bubble Milk Tea
  12. Hokkaido Milk Tea
  • Maximum topping allocation in a size S cup is 3 portions

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