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🎉 Hot: The “EM VẼ DŨNG SĨ TIÊM NGỪA CÙNG VNVC” competition is officially underway, with 5,000 prizes worth nearly 1.5 billion Vietnamese Dong waiting for kids across the country!

For the first time in Vietnam, the VNVC vaccination center network has launched a painting competition for children aged 3-16. This is a beneficial and creative playground, encouraging artistic expression, aesthetic sense, and cognitive development for children by drawing the image of the VNVC Vaccine Hero or other VNVC heroes fighting against viruses, bacteria, and infectious diseases.

Children aged 3-16 are invited to participate in the competition to become “Vaccine Heroes” to protect themselves, their beloved families, and their communities. When everyone becomes a “Hero,” viruses and bacteria will have no chance to spread diseases and cause harm. This competition offers 5,000 valuable prizes, thousands of free vaccine doses, attractive gifts, and the title of “Vaccine Hero” for personal use in various activities.

“Em Vẽ Dũng Sĩ Tiêm Ngừa Cùng VNVC” continues to be one of VNVC’s activities in 2023 aimed at promoting positive values for the community. It not only affirms VNVC as a reputable and top-quality vaccination provider in Vietnam, chosen by millions of people, but also extends its mission to comprehensive healthcare, encompassing physical, mental, and intellectual development for Vietnamese children. This competition contributes to supporting children in keeping up with global development trends through creative artwork.

Parents, let your kids, the “Vaccine Heroes,” join the competition to receive prizes and the valuable title of Vaccine Hero!

📌 COMPETITION DURATION: From 18/10/2023 – 31/12/2023
🔸 For VNVC customers: Children aged 3-16 with vaccination invoices at VNVC from 18/10 – 31/12, divided into three age groups: 3-5 years, 6-10 years, and 11-16 years.
🔸 For the community: Open to children aged 3-16.

👉 See details at:
🔸 Step 1:
Creatively draw on A4 paper or larger, capture a short video showing the drawing process. The video should not exceed 5 minutes and must clearly demonstrate the child’s involvement in the artwork. Keep the video for verification when the artwork wins a prize.

🔸 Step 2:
Take a photo of the artwork and write a description of up to 200 words explaining the meaning of the drawing. Publish the artwork on your personal Facebook page with public visibility. Include the following hashtags:

For VNVC customers: #dungsiVNVC; #số_phiếu (invoice number on the VNVC vaccination invoice, e.g., #004200929-00017), check-in at your VNVC vaccination center, #bảng_dự_thi (e.g., #3_5_tuổi)
For the community category: #VNVC; #dungsitiemngua
If the artist is a child without a Facebook account, parents can submit the entry on their own Facebook page.
🔸 Step 3:
Submit the link to the Facebook post to the “Em vẽ dũng sĩ tiêm ngừa cùng VNVC” Facebook group as a post and clearly state the PARTICIPANT’S NAME. VNVC staff will confirm the entry’s validity in the comments below.

👉 Join the “Cuộc thi em vẽ dũng sĩ tiêm ngừa cùng VNVC” Facebook group to submit your entry:

🔸 Facebook post interaction score: 30%

Each like will earn 1 point.
Each comment will earn 5 points.
Each share will earn 10 points.
🔸 Score from the VNVC Jury: 70%

The competition artwork should be clear, sharp, without blurriness, shaking, or inadequate lighting.
The artist must keep the original artwork and video for verification when receiving the prize.
The submitted artwork must not have won any previous awards or have been published on any public platforms.
An artist can participate in both categories but will only receive the highest prize (in the case of winning in both categories).
The final decisions are made by the VNVC organizing committee.
👉 See detailed competition information at:

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