Flemington project


Classic European luxury style, Flemington was designed by famous architectural firm Dynasty - the European style master.
Just like a castle right in the city center, Flemington is a high-end complex of 5-star hotel standards. Each space has its own unique features. This is the only building that uses 5300m2 of marble dedicated to premium class design.
Flemington integrates utility infrastructure such as gym, swimming pool, library and 5-storey reception area.


The Flemington is currently the most successful condominium in District 11 in particular. Is a large Parkson commercial center. The headquarters of many large corporations such as VNG, Gren, Armway ..... Besides, there are also many famous service centers such as the foreign school Apax, the famous California Wow Gym.


It is the saying of "Pau Jar Group" that Pau Jar Group put the first step to Vietnam with The Flemington project. Do not put much pressure on advertising, focus on customers through the "best quality" factor.
And far away, The Flemington project has been a great success and has become a proud concept in Vietnam of Pau Jar Group to this day.


In order to bring a private and peaceful living space, it is still fully equipped for residents.