Docklands project


Docklands is inspired by the Docklands metropolitan area in Melbourne, Australia with modern and luxurious apartment buildings
Saigon Docklands owned by Bao Gia Group as an investor, a top-class residential community in District 7, a convergence of a completely new style Combined with classic quintessence, promises to bring customers satisfaction with international quality

Design utilizing the maximum space with unique ideas and styles is shown through all the directions of the building to get natural light and wind to protect the green, clean and beautiful environment.

Mr.Yan - the architect of design company Jing - Den emphasized: "Following the concept of bringing nature into the home, we designed this project to combine skillfully between Unique sense of personal and design thinking to ensure how the building has green areas of the garden and still retains the light of the apartment."


Kim Bao Real Estate Company is proud to be a member of Bao Gia Group, a Taiwanese corporation with over 25 years of experience in real estate. We specialize in developing high-end housing projects including apartments. households, apartments, townhouses and villas. Our Group is always dedicated to building quality and valuable housing to the large population community. Bao Gia Group brings many services to all territories of Taiwan and for many years we have expanded our scale to international markets in Malaysia, Australia, China and Vietnam.



Not only immersed in the space filled with the green of nature, Docklands luxury apartments - developed by Kim Bao Real Estate Joint Stock Company of PAU JAR Group - also possesses a beautiful location right now. in Citiland Riverside residential area in District 7 civilized and modern.

Located near the intersection of Nguyen Thi Thap and Nguyen Van Linh streets, Docklands Saigon is very convenient for you to go everywhere with a distance of only 15 minutes by car to District 1 and District 5 centers; only 10 minutes to District 2 and especially easy to Phu My Hung in just 5 minutes. The location of the project is also a convenient connection point to the eastern southern provinces and convenient to the western provinces through Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard - Saigon Trung Luong Highway.

Floor plan

The apartments are designed in modern style, with open space, flexible and convenient for customers. Modern and high-speed elevator system to meet the demand of rapid movement of residents. The stairway positions are designed appropriately and scientifically, in accordance with the standard of escape which is convenient and quick in case of incidents.

Apartment type A

Apartment type B

Area of each item
Main bedroom: 18.5 m2
WC1: 3.6 m2
9.1 m2 bedroom
Living room + Kitchen: 40 m2 Laundry room: 2.4 m2
Public balcony: 6.2 m2
WC2: 3.3 m2

Apartment type C

Area of each item
Main bedroom: 16.0 m2
WC1: 6.1 m2
Bedroom1 11.3 m2
Bedroom2 11.0 m2
Living room + Kitchen: 52.9 m2 Laundry room: 3.8 m2
Balcony: 4.4 m2
WC2: 4.9 m2

Apartment type D

3 bedrooms with 68 units throughout the project.
Directions: Direction: South & North
Vision: Internal facilities and Saigon river and riverside parks
Construction area: 119.83 m2
Use area: 115.15 m2

Area of each item
Main bedroom: 22.1 m2
WC1: 6.4 m2
Bedroom1 11.2 m2
Bedroom2 12.1 m2
Living room + Kitchen: 58.0 m2 Laundry room: 4.3 m2
Balcony: 9.2 m2
WC2: 4.3 m2